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Paint the Town Pink made it a mission to remind women to get their annual mammogram. 

Now, we are asking you harness that pink power and Pink On!


ENHANCE YOUR STATE OF WELL-BEING. There are so many big and small actions you can take to improve your health. This year when scheduling your mammogram, include an annual wellness visit and commit to one positive change – whether it is to be more mindful, taking more steps to improve heart health, or reevaluating your relationship with food. For more ideas on how you can Pink On, Click Here !


HAVE THE CONVERSATION. Mammograms, screenings, clinical exams and self-exams are still important ways women can protect themselves against cancer and other potentially dangerous health risks. Talk to your doctor about YOUR health. Your doctor can guide you to the most appropriate screening plan based on your age, family history and other factors.


PARTICIPATE IN PAINT THE TOWN PINK. Join us for one of the many town events or take advantage of promotions our Pink Partners have going on near you.


MAKE A PLAN. To schedule an appointment, find a doctor, register for an event, or learn more about Hackensack Meridian Health’s Pink Fund, please call 855-Pink-411.





Click Here Meet Susan, our CWO (Chief Well-Being Officer) from Hackensack, NJ! See why Susan has decided to Pink On for the City of Hackensack!



Dana 1

Click Here to meet Dana, our CWO (Chief Well-Being Officer) from Pine Beach, NJ! See why Dana has decided to Pink On for Pine Beach!



Renee 2

Click Here to meet Renee, our CWO (Chief Well-Being Officer) from Montclair, NJ! See why Susan has decided to Pink On for the City of Hackensack!